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Is the best thing you can hope for to die in your sleep?

Remember when you were 16 and thought you'd live forever? Then one day (probably decades later) you realized that even you...yes you!would go belly-up sooner or later?
That is a horrible and beautiful realization.
With death now looming, what, if anything, did you change?

Possible responses:  Bury your head in the sand. Drink, eat, watch Netflix. Keep yourself occupied with bread and circuses so you don't have to think about the hard stuff.Live healthy. Start living healthier (e.g., did you stop doing one or more of the following: smoking, drinking, eating junk food, sitting, looking directly at the sun, being friendless, stressing out...about dying, etc.) to postpone your last breath?Default to the next life. Double-down on the afterlife and really start following the rules of the religion and/or cult you grew up in (e.g., eating the right food and drink God said to, treating others in God's prescribed manner, sacrificing your wants and needs for those of the higher power…