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Short-term vs long-term relationships?

I've met and connected with so many interesting people over the years who I will most likely never speak with again. Some have moved to different companies, some live in different countries, and some were random meetings in airports or restaurants whose names I can't even remember.

This happens to most of us to some extent due to the hustle-bustle transient lifestyles of the modern world. Most people come into our lives and go. Gone are the days where people are born in a village and spend the remainder of their lives with the same 150 people.

I used to wonder if my life would be richer and more fulfilling if I could find a way to make the awesome transient connections with people less transient...meaning the people I meet and like by chance, would come into my life, but not go away entirely.

But after a long time of pondering, now I'm guessing changing most transient relationships to permanent ones would ruin the magic. Those brief human connections are like tiny miracle…

Toilet paper companies are treating you like you treat their toilet paper

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first realized that companies  sneakily downsize their products and charge the same amount (or more) for a smaller quantity of goods?

For me, I was in Walmart in 2008. I was trying to buy ice cream for a family dinner. My mom asked me to bring three half-gallon containers of ice cream. My mom is a food perfectionist. She usually never allows anyone other than herself to bring food to a dinner for fear we will imperfect her perfect meal. Even on Thanksgiving, she only entrusts we guests to bring things like condiments, candles, and salt. This was a rare opportunity for me to prove to her that I could at least buy ice cream perfectly.

I scoured the store's giant freezer for 2 quart containers. I found 1.7, 1.5, even 1...but alas, no 2 quarts. I turned and plowed through the group of five angry shoppers who had gathered behind me impatiently waiting to get their ice cream and left the store in an angry panic.