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Why is emasculate even still a word?

unsplash-logoDaniel Apodaca

Male comedians make a lot of jokes about getting emasculated, and I don't get why that is still a thing.

I'm not mad, or militant about it. I just don't understand how these points of view are helping these men in their lives. I am a curious cat and want to figure it out.

Apparently being emasculated is the worst thing in the world and makes men feel sulky, sad and victimized. And in rare, extreme cases, drives some men to murder random women, since in their perspective, women are the sole cause of emasculation.

Let's talk this whole thing out...

First off, the word "masculine" describes someone with the stereotypical qualities and appearance traditionally associated with men.

A "masculine" man, per the manly-man textbook, describes the ideal embodiment of the male species as a big, strong, aggressive, virile, competitive, domineering, stoic person who is cold and calculating, unfailingly logical and unaffected by emotion…