Why do people talk about their diet and exercise program?

Photo by Jase Ess on Unsplash
Why do people on a new diet and/or exercise program insist on telling me every little detail about what, when, and how much they eat and exercise...and then keep on telling me over and over and over? 

What are these folks hoping to gain from sharing this with me? Do they want my approval and praise? Do they want me to be jealous? Do they think I need to diet and exercise too? Hey man, muffin tops are adorable...deal with it. 

I never know what to say when people talk about their new diets. First off, it's a really boring subject. I would rather talk about Trump's upsides, or homemade clay. Secondly, it makes me feel guilty when I remember that pound of peanut m&m's I scarfed down for lunch an hour ago. Third, if someone is still out of shape, why should I take advice from that person? When she/he gets that six pack and keeps it for a few years, then maybe, maybe, I will be at least a tad more interested in hearing how many grams of protein they ate for breakfast this morning. And  fourth, I don't need to hear about the things people put into their body orifices. That is a private thing, it does not need to be shared.   

Plus, we all know that diets don't work. Almost everyone who diets ends up falling off the wagon and binging on those oh so delicious "bad" foods they restrained themselves from for so long. So after my chatty friend loses weight (at which point I compliment him/her), but  then eventually gains it back, what I am supposed to say, think, or say??

Photo by Austin Guhl on Unsplash
While these otherwise wonderful folks are sharing their secrets on cheese-less pizza with chickpea crust (barf), I'm thinking, dude, you are going to be so mad at yourself in a few months. And that makes me sad. And annoyed. And confused.

Brenan-Green on Unsplash

So a friendly request to all the people in the world, if you're going on some restrictive diet/exercise plan, please keep it to yourself. If you need to share your journey, start a blog.


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