Funny TV Shows You Need to Watch (unless you are kinda dumb)

With the recent Olympics-inspired two week hiatus of new current television programming, I delved into a lot of new and old shows to scratch my itch for weird, creative comedy. Here's my list of awesome shows you need to watch. Seriously, stop watching those soul-sucking crime dramas and set aside some time to watch genius writing and acting while laughing your guts out.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

  • More of a dramedy than a comedy, which I usually hate, but this show works. Set in the late 1950s about a brilliant wealthy housewife trying to be successful doing racy stand-up comedy. Great actors, creative subject, hilarious and poignant. I stayed up until 3 in the morning to finish season 1. 

Curb you Enthusiasm (Amazon Prime)

  • After reading about what a horrible person Larry David was to work for as a writer for Seinfeld, I didn't want to applaud anything with his name on it. But as an opportunist american, eager to sell out my values for laughs, I opened my mind and watched his show's reboot. It is still super funny. Still relatable. Still focuses on the silly little things that shouldn't matter, but do. I highly recommend. 

Great News (NBC)

  • I am loving this show. The first few episodes aren't bad, but not great. After a few episodes the show takes off. The characters, writing, and actors are freaking hilarious. Carol, the show's main character's mother is a scene stealer! There are so many jokes (some intellectual, some cheesy, and some physical) per minute.To really appreciate them all you have to re-watch episodes multiple times.

*Difficult People (Hulu)

  • I am so mad at myself for not embracing this show when it still aired. After Hulu first introduced it, I watched about 5 minutes, and couldn't identify with the main characters so turned it off. During the recent Olympic-new episode freeze, I started watching it and fell in love. Maybe initially I  wasn't ready for it, maybe I was constipated or hungry before, but seriously, now I know that this show is brilliant. Mind the rank humor: don't watch with the kiddos or your Mormon spouse.

*The IT Crowd (Netflix)

  • Very slap-sticky type of obvious humor that is hilarious. I watched all the episodes years ago, and recently started re-watching. Even though it has a very annoying annoying laugh track, it still makes me LOL. Totally worth checking it out. Give it about 3 episodes before abandoning if you no likey. 
*Dead Like Me (Hulu)
  • Bizarre and creative. A show about dead people who are chosen to reap the souls of other humans who are destined to die. A little bit sad, super funny and unexpected scenarios.
*The Neighbors (Hulu)

  • Yes, the premise being a colony of aliens moving into a suburbans with a single human neighbor sounds ridiculous. However, the dialogue, situations, writing and actors make this thing work. My entire family was so sad when this show was canceled. Give it a chance. Suspend your judgement for a couple of episodes. 

*Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 (Hulu)

  • Like the IT Crowd, I watched all the seasons when this show was on the air, and then recently re-watched all of it. Still funny.  is the brilliantly overly confident bad one,  is hilariously naive, and James Van Der Beek is a bizarre mix of both. This show is so funny and unexpected. Had they named it differently, it would most likely still be on the air.

**Good Girls (NBC)

  • NBC just released the pilot last week. It's a 45 minute dramedy about good, although desperate for money, mothers who move into a life of crime. Reminds me of Breaking Bad meets Thelma and Louise, meets a freaking funny 30 minute sitcom. 

**A.P. Bio (NBC)

  • Actors include Patton Oswald and Glenn Howerton. Both of whom I am a fan. I just read that two of the amazing people from the pilot are no longer in this show: Nicey Nach and Paula Pell. Without them...I just don't know. So take this recommendation with a grain of salt. The pilot was new, fresh and hilarious. Going forward, who knows. I will keep you posted. 

* Canceled shows. Still worth watching 
**New shows. I've only watched the pilots. My review is subject to change depending on the next 5 episodes.


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