10 ways to have fun again

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Disclaimer: none of these steps are tried and/or true. These 10 points are a result of a brainstorming session in a desparate attempt to inject more fun into my life. 

Backstory, I am feeling like an old fat whale who washed up on the beach. With a little effort said whale could get herself back into the sea, but instead thinks, 

"Meh, that's seems hard and uncomfortable. I'll just lie here and hope things work out." 

Sad. Here is advice for myself from myself to get my flabby body off the soul and life-sucking beach and back into the adventurous, fun, unpredictable sea. Hopefully it helps me and other people suffering from what I am hereby labeling: "apathetic beached whale syndrome."

Dear me: 

  1. What's fun to you may have changed because you're so old now compared to when you were younger.  Maybe fun at your age means power walking in the mall, yelling at neighborhood kids running on your lawn, reading the obituaries. Open your mind to what "fun" really means to you.
  2. Stop working so much. Work will never love you. Work won't validate your awesomeness. Work isn't fun. More money equals mo' problems.
  3. Stop doing things that make you miserable. Hire a maid, move to California, stop listening to boring know-it-alls monologue about lame things.
  4. Spend less time watching made up stuff on screens.
  5. Call your parents every week. (Get outside your own selfish perspectives.)
  6. Spend money on frivolous activities without guilt or regret.
  7. Relax already. Stop taking things so seriously. Sheesh, you can't control life anyway---you may as well enjoy yourself.
  8. Go to the graveyard every week to remind yourself that life is short. You could very-well die tomorrow. Carpe Diem.
  9. Make a bucket list of fun things you want to do before you kick the bucket and then start doing them.
  10. Stop whining, complaining, bitching, and moaning. Spend mental and verbal energy on what you like, not what you hate.
Now the hard part: You know what to do, be brave, work hard and do the needful. Don't end up a corpse full of regrets.

Thanks, Me


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