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Showing posts from April 23, 2017

Is a Salmon's Life Really Worth Living?

I recently listened to a podcast reminding me of the seemingly mindless and self-sacrificing natural, instinctual life of the wild Salmon. Salmon are born in freshwater and then eventually swim downstream to the salty ocean where they grow and live for about five years (depending on the species). Then they make the hazardous swim back to whence they came, make some new fish then die.

Do they ever pause as they get beaten down as they struggle up waterfalls and think, "Hey man, what's this all about?" Or, "Forget this spawning crap Jim, I'm staying here in the ocean and living a full life on my terms."

I mean sure, they're effective at propagating the species, but are they happy?  Is it enough just to live, propagate and die?

Maybe their 5 years in the ocean is like rumspringa. At the end of that, they swim back to the community to secure their place in heaven when they die. Maybe the salmon really do have it all figured out. Maybe they are having their…