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Freakin' Hilariously-Genius Shows You Must Watch

I'll never understand why people watch 60 min dramas when there are so many brilliant 30 minute comedies available. Why would you want to watch a show that depresses you instead of a show that makes you laugh?

My mind is consistently blown away with the new, creative, funny television shows that people keep producing.

The comedic geniuses that write and perform brilliant material that make people laugh should be the people getting Nobel prizes. I can't think of a better outstanding contribution for humanity than to transport viewers into a new reality for 28 minutes that make them happy. 

There are a lot of funny shows out there, but my current list contains shows I've watched and deemed "hilariously-genius" or for short "hi-gen."

For a show to earn my coveted "hi-gen" label, it must make me:

  • Consistently lol (literally, not figuratively).
  • Experience something I have never experienced before
  • Want to meet the writers
  • Want to read the script over and over
  • Want to watch the same episodes over and over
  • Binge-watch all available episodes
  • Feel smarter and lighter after watching it
  • Wish I was working on the show (in any capacity, except for the toilet cleaner)
  • Want to live a more adventurous, confident, fun, crazy life
  • Want to write a blog recommending it to the world

No laborious 3 hour movie can touch the lols the shows I list below produce. I don't have cable TV, and seldom watch my antenna-supplied TV shows, so the only way I can consume these brilliant shows is to watch them on the following: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Note that I have mentally classified several other shows as hi-gen that I have not listed (with one exception), because these shows have been canceled (e.g., Seinfeld) and I assume you have already seen them.

With no further adieu, here are the ultimate comedic shows (in no particular order) you need to start watching this very instant:

  • Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix Original)
    • Not for the squeamish or curse-word averse
  • The Mindy Project (Hulu)
    • Get over your sexism you idiots and watch this. Billions of jokes woven throughout each episode
  • The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    • Funniest Donald Trump impersonation ever!
  • Futurama (Netflix -- unfortunately canceled -- I still believe this will eventually come back)
    • I can watch this over and over and still enjoy it and see/hear new things I missed
  • Bob's Burgers (Netflix and Hulu)
    • So funny and creative. You'll wish you were part of the family.
  • Superstore (Hulu)
    • Creative characters, awesome dialogue
  • Broad City (Hulu)
    • Super filthy, but super funny and unique
  • The Good Place (Hulu)
    • Addictive and creative. Makes me want more and more!
  • The Mick (Hulu)
    • So funny and ridiculous. Acting is stellar
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
    • So, so many funny jokes per episode you'll have to re-watch to catch the ones you miss.

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