Donald Trump is our President?

I hate to get political on this blog for fear of alienating my three readers, but dude, I just can't keep it in any longer. Ya know that feeling when something terrible happened the day before (like your dog died) and you wake up in the morning, forgetting about the day's horror for a split second (ah, everything is good), and then you remember what happened. Then the sorrow floods in. The hurt is all the more powerful and damaging because of that brief, forgetful moment of peace. Okay, you're with me on this phenomenon? Good. To my point: I'm experiencing this sensation on a daily basis with the whole Donald Trump = President thing. 

So I'm humming happily along in my everyday, boring life, then I hear a news report or see a carrot, and I'm instantly blasted out of my contentment and reminded that, holy cow, Donald Trump is the President! What???? I usually say out loud to whoever is nearby, "I can't believe Donald Trump is the President."

10 years ago, if you told me he would one day be the president, it would be completely and utterly ridiculous and implausible. It would be like suggesting that Snoop Dog would get elected as the President in 2021--- completely unimaginable. It's  sort of like in Back to the Future when Marty tells Doc that the President in 1985 is Ronald Reagan. Doc's reply is pure disbelief: "Ronald Reagan?! The actor?! Ha! Then who's Vice President? Jerry Lewis?"

When my last beloved dog died, it took a couple of months before the "forget and then remember" horror ended. How long will it take for my brain to accept Trump as President and remember it? If there was an emoji depicting a face rubbing her eyes in disbelief, that would be my go-to emoji in every IM, text, and blog post I create.

They say that to deal with grief, it's best to talk to someone about it. For some reason, talking about your sorrow with another person lessens it. Unfortunately, I live in an ultra-conservative state that voted for Trump. I can't talk to anyone nearby without offending them. I really want to yell in their faces and say "You're such an idiot!" but that would be rude, plus for the most part, they are all really nice people. So instead, I'm hoping this post will meet my need for actual human conversation. After all, isn't technology the new substitute for being human?


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