Hulu Plus Is Worth It Now --- Updated Review

This post is long over due. Years ago (three years ago to be exact) when we first got Hulu I wrote a blog post saying, "Eh, it's not that great....I'm going to dump it." But guess what? I never got around to dumping it. And it got better. And we watch stuff on it everyday now.

Five Reasons Why Hulu Is Worth It:

1. First off, they dropped the "Plus" this year ---- so it's just Hulu. That change will save you an entire syllable each time you talk about it, leaving you room for additional, more useful syllables. I really like the idea of the name change, but admittedly, it has been hard for me to stop saying "Plus." But then again I still say "Super Target" and "The Facebook," so I'm pretty sure it's just me.

2. They added a lot more TV shows I like (hooray, they finally added The Simpsons), plus their own Hulu-Exclusive shows, which aren't too bad---I've enjoyed Deadbeat, Quickdraw, Moone Boy---I used to like The Mindy Project --- until she had a baby, Hello?? Didn't she learn anything from Mad About You---babies on TV aren't funny!

3. Their commercials improved, but still have lots of repeats. I swear there are more commercials than ever too---which is super annoying because they are more frequent, but still short, so there's not enough time to go to the bathroom or get an icy drink. Which leads of to: Hulu Plus commercial free option. I kept seeing adds for this, and figured it had to be a scam, or ridiculously expensive. I finally got around to checking it out and guess what? It's only $12.00 a month and totally worth the extra $4.00.  

4. Their movie selection still bites, but they do have tons of trailers you can watch if you're into that. I think trailers are dumb and pointless and dumb, but the family enjoys them so I'm adding it to the list of good things.

5. If you have Hulu Plus, you get all the good network shows the day after they come out without having to deal with a DVR (whatever that is) or paying money to the cable company, which I'm pretty sure is run by the mafia. Combine that with Netflix, and for a mere $20.00 per month you can have access to a plethora of entertaining and thought-provoking shows --- without any commercials! You're thinking, whoa, $20? That's a lot. But all you have to do is divide that by the number of hours you watch for a month and you will discover that per hour, there are few cheaper forms of entertainment! 


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