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Why aren't there more Labor Days?

Labor Day became a federal holiday 122 years ago. 122 years! That's enough time to add at least 3 more Labor Days---that's only 1 Labor Day every forty years for cripes sake!

What happened to the people who used to care about stuff like this enough to do things? We need you now more than ever!

And it's not just for more Labor Days.  There's a lot of deplorable work conditions we need you to fix. Like, why the heck are we still working 40 hours a week? We should be at 30 by now, tops.

Mobilize and go forth all ye advocates of justice who have the time and energy to continue improving the work conditions of the American worker. Don't give up the fight!

More Amazon Funny - Q&A For a Vacuum

How Much Should You Tip A Balloon Artist?

When did balloon animals get so complex? Check out the detail on these works of art:

I used to tip the balloon guy a dollar per balloon animal and felt like that was fair. Today with all the detail work the guy put in I felt $1.00 wasn't enough, so I upped it to $2.00. Now I'm wondering if that was too low. Also, when I asked where he learned his craft, he answered, "Jail." I LOLd. Would that warrant a higher tip? Then on the ride home my kids insisted that was his only job, and that made me sad.

Why Do We Take Sports So Seriously?

I wouldn't have ever been picked to be “Sporty Spice.” I'd probably get picked as the "Likes Stuffed Animals Too Much Spice." Point being, I wasn't much of a sports player or sports fan growing up. I spent most of my days cataloging my stuffed animals' life experiences in a notebook and stirring up self-directed trouble in the neighborhood.
In an ironic twist, in addition to their love of stuffed animals (thanks to me), my boys love sports. Four years ago I'd never heard of "Comp” Sports. Now, most of my time is spent practicing, playing, or talking about them---oh and let’s not forget paying for them.

15 years ago if someone told me I’d be a “baseball mom” who spent every weekend and weekday shuffling her kids to practices and games, I’d call them bat-crap crazy. (*Sigh* the things we’ll do for our kids…am I right?) 
Since my kids started playing sports, I’ve seen and heard a lot of things that made me question the inherent goodness of the average…

Hulu Plus Is Worth It Now --- Updated Review

This post is long over due. Years ago (three years ago to be exact) when we first got Hulu I wrote a blog post saying, "Eh, it's not that great....I'm going to dump it." But guess what? I never got around to dumping it. And it got better. And we watch stuff on it everyday now.

Five Reasons Why Hulu Is Worth It:

1. First off, they dropped the "Plus" this year ---- so it's just Hulu. That change will save you an entire syllable each time you talk about it, leaving you room for additional, more useful syllables. I really like the idea of the name change, but admittedly, it has been hard for me to stop saying "Plus." But then again I still say "Super Target" and "The Facebook," so I'm pretty sure it's just me.
2. They added a lot more TV shows I like (hooray, they finally added The Simpsons), plus their own Hulu-Exclusive shows, which aren't too bad---I've enjoyed Deadbeat, Quickdraw, Moone Boy---I used to like

Hooray for People --- Part 5: Online Reviews

Man I just love people. As I read through all the Amazon reviews, trying to pick out a shower curtain, it occurs to me how lucky I am to live on a planet where these amazing creatures take time out of their busy schedules to go online and provide detailed product reviews. These people don't get paid. They've already bought the product, so don't directly benefit from their efforts. It's one of humanity's few truly selfless acts.
If you watch the local news a lot, you may be getting discouraged by the behavior of your fellow humans. To restore your faith in people, log in to Amazon and start sifting through all the user product reviews. There's reviews on everything, from toothpaste to adult diapers. They are detailed, informative, and sometimes really funny.
For every evil person who goes around shooting people, there are millions of good people writing reviews for strangers.
Here's a sample from my morning search: ------------------------------------------…