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Hooray for People --- Part 5: Online Reviews

Man I just love people. As I read through all the Amazon reviews, trying to pick out a shower curtain, it occurs to me how lucky I am to live on a planet where these amazing creatures take time out of their busy schedules to go online and provide detailed product reviews. These people don't get paid. They've already bought the product, so don't directly benefit from their efforts. It's one of humanity's few truly selfless acts.
If you watch the local news a lot, you may be getting discouraged by the behavior of your fellow humans. To restore your faith in people, log in to Amazon and start sifting through all the user product reviews. There's reviews on everything, from toothpaste to adult diapers. They are detailed, informative, and sometimes really funny.
For every evil person who goes around shooting people, there are millions of good people writing reviews for strangers.
Here's a sample from my morning search: ------------------------------------------…