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Why I Like Easter

It's the candy. I like it for the candy. Easter candy is better than other candy. It's better than grandma candy, it's better than piñata candy--- it's even better than Christmas candy.

And yes, even though the candy makers have taken the Easter candy that used to only be for Easter---like peanut butter eggs, peeps, and jelly beans---and morphed all of it into freaky doppelgängers for all the other holidays and non-Easter occasions ( think peanut butter Christmas trees, Halloween bat peeps, and Jelly Belly's)--- the Easter candy is still far superior. It looks better, it tastes better. It's why Easter was invented.

Let me remind you how Easter came to be. Way back when, before clocks and the Internet, there lived an evil rabbit. All winter long he stole, or some would say borrowed, eggs from the local chickens and ducks. By Spring, he had a vast arsenal of putrid, rotten eggs. On a random Sunday the townsfolk would awake to find their town covered in rotten eg…