Hooray For People---Part 4: Snow Cone Drip Tray Inventor

Top seven worst things about snow cones:
  1. Running out of juice before running out of ice. 
  2. The clownish after-cone lip stain.
  3. Proprietors calling them 'Shaved ice' or 'Hawaiian Snow.' It's still a damn snow cone.
  4. Only allowing customers to choose up to three flavors.
  5. Cherry flavor tastes like cough medicine.
  6. Aggressive straw-poking tearing the bottom of the Styrofoam cup.
  7. The inevitable sticky spillage.

While many of these problems have yet to be solved, I'm thrilled to say that #7 is no longer an issue--- thanks to---you guessed it---people!

As snow cones became super-sized, the risk of spillage also became super sized. As the American penchant for largesse outpaced American snow cone problem solving ingenuity, a dark period descended upon the snow cones----the risk of spillage was so great that parents actually forbade their children from eating them in the car! Fortunately, some hero, for whom sadly, nobody has ever sung, invented the snow cone satellite dish a.k.a. the snow cone drip tray shown below.

Snow Cone Satellite: functional AND fashionable

Mark my words and adjust your stock portfolio, these modern miracles will soon be everywhere ---they will be used with anything and everything hand held and potentially drippy, like ice cream cones, over-the-top shakes, popsicles, corn dogs, chiken wings, watermelon, and children.

Hats off to that woman or man who invented the snow cone satellite. May this be the first of many snow cone problem solving inventions you create!


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