Chik-Fil-A's New Grilled Chicken Dissapoints Long Time Fan

Dear Chik-Fil-A,

I realize that you spent $50 million dollars and seven years to formulate your new grilled chicken recipe, but I'm wondering if you could please change it back to the original recipe?

While the new more-distinct grill marks are visually appealing, your new herb-cluttered marinade masks the succulent natural chicken flavor.  I used to order the grilled chicken sandwich once a week, now I can't even look at a picture of that sandwich.

While I'm all for change when it brings about better things, I'm against it if it makes things worse.  Not to worry though, I have a solution for this chicken debacle---or chickbacle---as my Grandmother used to say. Using my proprietary, unique two step process, you can revert to the original recipe and actually make more money than you would have had you never started on this chickbacle.

Step 1: Come out with a "new" recipe that isn't as good as the original recipe. People will buy it because it's new. (You've already accomplished this.)

Step 2:  After people realize the new sandwich is no good and sales taper off, bring back the original, and call it Grilled Chicken Classic. Sales will surge.

Thank you so much for your time.


The World

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-A (open)
Grilled Chicken Classic---Giving the people what they want


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