How Doctors Could Make Pelvic Exams Less Horrifying

First off, a mild warning, if you've never had one and never plan on having a pelvic exam, you may want to stop reading. If you've never had one, but plan on having one then you also might want to stop reading because **spoiler alert!**

Maybe it's just me, but these exams are pretty much the worse thing imaginable. If Dante was a woman, there would be a tenth circle of hell and it would be a never ending pelvic exam.

Allow me to illustrate my point.

Here's how these exams should be:
Fig 1: How it should be


Here's how they actually are:

Fig 2: How it is

I have a simple idea for Gynecologists everywhere to help the experience be more Figure 1 and less Figure 2---Swap out the harsh florescent light on the ceiling for something soothing. Such as,
  • A 'Hang In There Baby' poster of an adorable kitten dangling hilariously from a branch. 
  • Twinkling LED lights that look like tiny stars. 
  • A flat screen TV (if my dentist can manage to put TVs above every exam table, I'm pretty sure you can too).
Don't get me wrong doctors, I appreciate the comfort changes you have already made, like the little cozies on the stirrups, and...well, uh, let's see, that's really about it. But now how about going a little further to increase your patients' comfort? Before you know it, women will be begging for your pelvic exams.


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