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Corn Dogs --- Why Did We Stop There?

After the world first discovered chocolate did it say, "Well, this bitter drink is as good as it gets...let's never try anything else with these beans", no....the world has more ways to use chocolate than a fat guy has places to store Twinkies. So why did people stop corning things after they corned the hot dog over 75 years ago?

Why would you not want to take a coating that is all things delicious: salty and sweet, crispy and soft, greasy and corny--- and yes, even crunchy---who doesn't love to nibble on that little brown fried drip of batter at the bottom (I wonder if that has a name. If not, I'd like to propose the word 'crubbin', which means crusty nubbin) and apply it to anything and everything?

C'mon world, or at least America, how about making a corn carrot or a corn sandwich? No wait, a sweet cob of corn wrapped in warm delicious corn coating----a corn corn if you will. Ah, the possibilities.