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Showing posts from March 31, 2013

World's Most Underutilized Technology: Self-Cleaning

Why aren't more things self-cleaning? If you came to my door to sell something (ignoring my "No Soliciting" window-cling) and the first words out of your mouth were: It's self-cleaning---  instead of: read the sign bozo --- The first words out of my mouth would be: I'm listening...

Imagine self-cleaning clothes, self-cleaning carpets, self-cleaning dishes, self-cleaning cars, self-cleaning hot-dog roasting sticks. This is life-changing stuff people.

Scientists are spending all their time making things stronger, lighter, and less cancery, when they should be spending that time making things self-cleaning! I'm not saying everything has to clean itself, but at least put some effort into it. The only self-cleaning thing I know of (besides cats) is ovens--and oven self-cleaning technology could definitely use some improvement. I still don't get how heating the crap out of something cleans it, but oh well, I'm not a scientist---at least the oven scientist…