One Way Trip to Mars?

The Mars One Non-Profit Organization is putting together a mission to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2023. See the details at They're currently taking applications. Would you do it?

I called a family meeting yesterday to see if there was any interest in being the first family to inhabit Mars. To my surprise, the kids had zero interest. So I proposed that just us parents go after the kids get older. They freaked out at that idea. Then I suggested just I go. And without a moment hesitation, my oldest said, oh, okay, sure, sounds good. Guess I know who the favorite is.

So I got to thinking about going it alone...

If you take a rocket to Mars, and then you decide you miss your dog, or want a Slurpee, or just plain hate it and want to go back to Earth, my friend, you're out of luck---because there is no going back. It's a one way trip. And then like so many new frontier exploration adventures go, if you run out of food, you're going to get really hungry. You'll get so hungry, you'll end up eating your shoes. Then after you eat your shoes, you'll figure what's the point of shoes without socks, so you'll end up eating your socks. Once the socks go, you'll naturally conclude that you may as well eat the dead guy named Felix who croaked on the space flight over. Then to get the old dead guy taste out of your mouth, you'll figure hey, we don't really need all these other people...and well, cut to the end, you end up all alone on Mars praying for death.

Maybe I'll pass. What about you?


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