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One Way Trip to Mars?

The Mars One Non-Profit Organization is putting together a mission to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2023. See the details at They're currently taking applications. Would you do it?

I called a family meeting yesterday to see if there was any interest in being the first family to inhabit Mars. To my surprise, the kids had zero interest. So I proposed that just us parents go after the kids get older. They freaked out at that idea. Then I suggested just I go. And without a moment hesitation, my oldest said, oh, okay, sure, sounds good. Guess I know who the favorite is.

So I got to thinking about going it alone...

If you take a rocket to Mars, and then you decide you miss your dog, or want a Slurpee, or just plain hate it and want to go back to Earth, my friend, you're out of luck---because there is no going back. It's a one way trip. And then like so many new frontier exploration adventures go, if you run out of food, you're going to get…

How Wolverine 2 Could Have Been Better

Hugh Jackman deserved to be in a better version of a Wolverine sequel than "The Wolverine." For Mr. Jackman's sake, I propose a re-make with the following change. (Spoiler Alert - don't read if you haven't seen the movie yet)

The current movie takes itself way too seriously. IMHO, anytime you tell a story about a mutant immortal with retractable metal claws who calls himself "Wolverine" it must be done a little-bit tongue in cheek---or it just seems ridiculous. That's why the Wolverine character worked so well when we met him in the first X-Men movie. He wasn't just scary, brooding and sexy, he was funny too! Wolverine needs to lighten up a bit---it's like watching The Hulk---if The Hulk never morphed back into Bruce Banner---it gets boring after awhile.  Here's some examples of possible scenes they could add to the re-make:
At the beginning instead of having Wolverine off in the woods with nobody but a bear, have him trying (unsuccessfu…

Jet-Puffed StackerMallows---They're New!

While I enjoy the taste of a s'more, I generally avoid them because they're just too darn filling. A single s'more leaves me queasy and full of regret or as I like to say "requeasy." Plus, they're usually eaten after a heavy meal of bbq, chips and whip cream "salads." Enter the new StackerMallows. They take away the oh-my-gosh-I'm-so-full-I'm-going-to-barf sensation of a s'more. And overall, as I explain below, that's a good thing.

They're made especially for s'mores. They're rectangular and only a quarter inch thick. The more I think about this I can't help but wonder why Kraft didn't invent these years ago. (Note to self: look into possible marshmallow conspiracy theories.)

Fit perfectly in a s'more.Roast faster - only need one turn over the fire.Roast evenly - no raw centersProduce ideal s'more marshmallow-to-chocolate-to-graham cracker ratioSeem smaller so you enjoy eating more*Makes me like s'…