World's Most Underutilized Technology: Self-Cleaning

Why aren't more things self-cleaning? If you came to my door to sell something (ignoring my "No Soliciting" window-cling) and the first words out of your mouth were: It's self-cleaning---  instead of: read the sign bozo --- The first words out of my mouth would be: I'm listening...

Imagine self-cleaning clothes, self-cleaning carpets, self-cleaning dishes, self-cleaning cars, self-cleaning hot-dog roasting sticks. This is life-changing stuff people.

Scientists are spending all their time making things stronger, lighter, and less cancery, when they should be spending that time making things self-cleaning! I'm not saying everything has to clean itself, but at least put some effort into it. The only self-cleaning thing I know of (besides cats) is ovens--and oven self-cleaning technology could definitely use some improvement. I still don't get how heating the crap out of something cleans it, but oh well, I'm not a scientist---at least the oven scientists are trying!

Let's put that good old fashion American ingenuity to work and make more stuff that cleans itself. I'm sure as heck sick of doing it.


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