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Socks In Bed = Lame

It's cold. It's so, so cold. My biggest death-fear is slowly freezing to death. Well, maybe it's tied with being disemboweled. Either way, being cold stinks. And when I complain about being cold to whomever I'm living with at the moment, the answer is always the same, "well then put on some socks!"

Stop saying that!  I've worked hard to get where I am. I'm not about to walk around in my own house in stocking feet. If I start doing that, the next thing you know I'll be ordering the Big Mac Value meal from the McDonald's in Walmart. In Walmart!!! Seriously people. I still have some dignity.

So please, the next time I complain about being cold, don't freaking tell me to put on socks. I'll consider anything but that. For example, you could say:  "move somewhere warm" or "let me buy you another space heater" or "here, stick your feet in my arm pit." Thanks for listening.