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Showing posts from October 7, 2012

Hooray for People -- Part 2: Freestyle Fountain

What's better than one innovative engineering genius working on an idea to revolutionize tasty beverages? That's right, two innovative engineering geniuses! I would like to publicly thank Nilag Patel and Dean Kamen for inventing the Coke Freestyle Fountain --- a product that fundamentally changes the way carbonated beverages are dispensed.

Before the Freestyle, I seldom went to movies in a theater, preferring to pay Redbox a buck to sit on my old couch with a Diet Pepsi and watch a DVD. But then a new theater was built, perhaps for the sole reason of housing the Freestyle. Now, my entire family has invested in movie-theater-specific 32 oz mugs to take to our frequent movie theater outings. For a mere one dollar we can each take our turn at the Freestyle machine, a beautiful, shiny kiosk-like machine with a computer touch-screen interface that invites you to select from over a 100 beverage options. I can select Coke Zero, and then choose to add any type of flavoring: vanilla, …