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Showing posts from September 9, 2012

Hooray For People -- Part 1: New Halloween Colors

I am beginning a multi-part blog series today called "Hooray For People." It celebrates people and the amazing things that people do. Look around you at all the incredible things you have in your house, who's to thank? It's people. So to start off, I'd like to tip my hat to the genius who came up with the idea to add purple and lime green to the traditional Halloween colors.


See the difference?  You probably never gave it much thought, but some person, some creative, risk-taking, under-appreciated person with incredible vision and determination thought of this. Not only thought of it, but convinced all the nay-sayers to challenge tradition, question authority, and think outside the black and orange box, so to speak. This genius, whomever he/she may be never quit, never gave up, until the CEO of M&M's finally said, yes, yes, add the new colors! So Hooray to the person who made Halloween that much better!