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Showing posts from July 15, 2012

The Most Ridiculous Argument of All Time

I've heard a lot of ridiculous arguments. I've been involved in a lot of those ridiculous arguments. Okay, I've started my share of ridiculous arguments. But I think I just witnessed the most ridiculous argument ever.

Let me set the stage for you...

The family went out for a treat. We first ended up at Cold Stone. My 9 year old got a caramel apple, my 7 year old, an ice cream. Then we noticed the evil "Hot One" light was on at Krispy Kreme, so of course had to go there next. On the way home, the boys kept complaining that they were really full---

And thus began the most ridiculous argument of all time:

Me:  Let me see your food babies.
Them: (Both show me their food babies)
Me: What are you going to name them?
9 Yr Old:  Guster!
7 Yr. Old:  Shawn. Shawn Spencer. Mine's named Shawn Spencer.
9 Yr Old:  No Wait. Mine's called Shawn Spencer. You call yours Gus.
7 Yr Old:  (Yelling) No! I named mine Shawn Spencer first!

9 Yr Old:  (Also Yelling) My food baby's n…

I Need to Stop Using the Word Awesome

I never even said awesome in High School. I thought it was lame. So why do I keep saying it now? I say it a lot.  "You're so awesome!" "This is going to be awesome!" "That was awesome!" "Awesome!"

I need a new word that means awesome. I've tried "Fantastic" and "Fabulous", I've even used "Amazing" and "Wonderful", but none of those do---too many syllables--they don't roll off the tongue and they sound pretentious. I've tried the one syllable "Great", but after hearing Awesome so much, Great sounds, well, not so great.One syllable just doesn't convey they meaning that awesome does. I need to find a two-syllable, fun, exciting word to replace Awesome. That is my new quest.