The Geiko Gecko

I can't stop thinking about the Geiko Gecko. I think he's hilarious and wise and cute. I wish we were friends.  He could ride on my shoulder and give me advice in his adorable cockney accent.

Since he's such a convenient size, if he got tired or cold or scared, I'd let him snuggle up in my pocket, or my purse. Reni said he thought Martin would find that demeaning, but I don't think so. 

We would be so good together. I could keep his tiny coffee cup full, give him career advice (maybe even write a few screenplays just for him), and keep him safe from birds. And he could be my constant companion, amusing me with his weird British humor, and staring at me with those big black glossy eyes.

Maybe one day we'll meet on an airplane, or sunbathing on a warm rock, and hit things off and become best friends. Then we could star in a reality show about our friendship and make millions of dollars. But for now, I'll have to be content imagining he's with me, whispering guidance and compliments in my ear. Geiko Gecko, will you be my spirit animal?


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