Hooray for People -- Part 3: Wireless Mouse Genius

Don't get me wrong, the wireless mouse itself is pretty great, but the best, most ingenious idea, proposed by some person, was where to store the little part that plugs into the computer. Speaking of that little part, Lenny keeps telling me it's called a dongle. Every time I hear "Dongle" I think "donkey penis".  It makes me laugh, but not in a good way. I'm not really a fan of the word so I'll just call it the little plug.

Dongle??? Tee hee hee
If I'd invented the wireless mouse, here's where I would have put the little plug:

I'm all about putting the onus of keeping track of the little plug on the consumer. But like I've said, I'm no genius. I can't even spell genius without spell check.

Some genius came up with the idea of storing the little plug inside the mouse. Yes, inside the mouse!!! I never would have thought of that!

Whenever I open the mouse and see the little plug, I feel happy. I feel proud that I'm a person, and not some other species like a dog or something. 

They should put more things in mice. How great would it be if you opened up your mouse and found a small snack, some lip balm, or maybe an emergency tampon? I would love that!! Get to it mouse genius---take your amazing idea and run with it!


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