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Cake? Nope, Pie

An internal debate has been raging in my mind and taste buds for years. The topic: what's better, cake or pie?

For a long time, I thought it was cake. With it's picture-perfect moist interior, slathered with thick, creamy, rich frosting. Elegantly decorated to perfection with icing-flowers and chocolate ganache---slices like a dream into uniform, even, predictable pieces. How could the choice not be cake?

Now contrast the pie---the humble pie if you will. Short and squaty, battered edges, mottled brown, homemade looking. Impossible to achieve perfection. Slice a pie open and you get oozing, crumbling chaos. Fruit streaming out the sides, jumbled this way and that. Flaky shards of crust piercing in random chunks. Pie is unpredictable. Pie is messy. Pie is like a crazy, hair-brained experiment with its contrasting flavors and textures -- flaky, firm, sweet/salty crust combined with soft, gooey, warm filling---then topped off with cold, creamy ice cream. It seems impossible that all those different elements would go together---and yet they do---in a weird, unexpected, exciting way. Pie is the ugly girl who everyone thinks is beautiful because she has such a magnetic personality.

So while I respect cake and enjoy cake, given a choice between the two, I will pick the pie every time*. Because as Judge Judy says, Beauty fades but stupid is forever." No wait, "It's on the Inside that Counts". No, that's not it. I'm sure there's an amazing quote out there to sum this up for me---so I invoke it here.

*Unless the pie is made with awful, store-bought crust, or is from the grocery store "bakery".

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