Maybe Oprah is Wrong

I canceled my subscription to Oprah. It was starting to depress me. Every article insists that to be happy you need to quit everything you're doing and live your dream. The magazine is chock full of tales of women who quit their high paying corporate jobs to live their life dream of making goat cheese in Alaska. All of these women were wildly successful. Everyone wants to buy their dang goat cheese. Well what about the women who made their goat cheese, tried to sell it, and everyone was like, eww, goat cheese. And nobody bought their cheese, and her kids were allergic to goats, and Alaska turned out to be really cold---what about those women? If statistics are right and the majority of new businesses fail, then surely a big chunk of these dream-livin' goat-cheese makin' women failed---they lost their Alaskan farm to the bank and had to move in with their in-laws. I want to hear those stories.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for not living out a cool, life-long dream. Maybe I just want to watch TV on a 55" inch screen and complain about stuff. What's wrong with that?


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