If There's No Funkiller, Nature Will Provide One

My husband, or as we like to call him, Mr. Safety Daddy Funkiller, or for short, Funkiller, is our family's self-designated safety police. Whenever there's even the remote possibility of falling, choking or getting cut---he's there. For example, if you're jumping on the couch while chewing gum and he catches you, in his mind, you may as well be wielding a giant running chainsaw with flames shooting out the back. Mr. Safety Daddy Funkiller goes immediately into action and kills the fun in the name of safety.

This weekend, Our dear, sweet Funkiller was out of town. My 9 year old asked me if I didn't like it when Daddy was gone. I told him I didn't mind because then we could have as much fun as we wanted! Then he said something like, "oh yeah, like starting fires...let's start a fire." Alarms went off in my head. So I said, "Seriously? Let's not be stupid. We can have lots of fun, but let's not be stupid."  Next thing you know, I was out yelling at the kids for swinging too high, "Be Careful!" Then I made them put on shoes to ride their scooters. Then "Stop climbing the trees!" ,"Stop throwing apples" ,"Stop poking things with that long stick!" Yes...I had become the new Funkiller. I had no control over it. I understand now. Nature demands every group have a Mr. Safety Daddy Funkiller. If yours goes away, a new one will rise up--- Or in the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm: "...life, uh... finds a way..."


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