Hulu Plus Review -- Is it Worth It?

No. No it's not worth it.

Yes, it's only $7.99 a month, but compared to Netflix, so not worth it. It's probably worth $1.99 per month. If it was $1.99 I would most likely keep Hulu Plus. But at $7.99 I've decided to drop it. Here's why:

Commercials: Yes, there are commercials throughout each program. Not a lot, but enough to irritate. Plus it's the same 5 commercials over and over and over. That makes it less bearable then standard TV commercials.

Movies: There isn't a single movie listed that we wanted to watch. Not even Miss Congeniality (the only movie I ever watched on Amazon Prime) The majority of the movie offerings are ones I've never heard of with Japanese people on the cover. I'm guessing Hulu made some type of a deal with Japan to get lots of content real cheap. Not worth it Hulu.

TV: Again, not a lot to offer. There are shows on regular Hulu that aren't even on Hulu Plus---like 30 Rock and The Simpsons -- if I'm paying for it, shouldn't I at least get the stuff I get for free on my computer?

The nice thing is there are current episodes on shortly after they air on TV. For that reason alone, I've kept Hulu Plus as long as I have. But now that it's the summer TV hiatus, there's pretty much nothing to watch except the Colbert Report. Pre-summer, I was watching Cougar Town, Modern Family and New Girl via Hulu Plus. Then someone pointed out that I could watch all three of those shows on regular TV for free.

"What about older episodes of shows I like?" Not so great there either. For example, Netflix has the last 4 seasons of Psych. Hulu Plus only has the first 2 seasons.

Interface: The interface used to navigate through the shows is clunky and confusing. I'm still not used to it. It frustrates me. You basically can only view a couple of shows at a time. Not fun to browse.

As soon as I get around to it, I'm going to drop my subscription. I had high hopes, but Hulu Plus has a ways to go before I sign up again.


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