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Showing posts from May 29, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies are NOT the Key I Repeat NOT the Key

I had another epiphany. This one was more like an anti-epiphany, in that it negated the previous epiphany.  It turns out that not only are chocolate chip cookies NOT the key, but they are the opposite of that. Instead of being the cure to all life's problems, they're actually the cause. That's right. They're evil---eeeeveeeel! They're the worst kind of evil because they make you think they're here to make everything better, when in fact, even the very best ones are only here to mess you up.

Imagine if you will the following:
Because of all their crunchy-chewy-soft-salty-sweet-chocolatey montage of deliciousness, you set out on a journey to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. You convince yourself that when (if) the journey ends, you will come back to your loved ones with un-ending happiness and riches. So week after week you try out different recipes. And you sample one. Then another. Then sample some more. And then more, and then a bit more. But you have…