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Kohl's MVC Status Circumvents Shopping Re-hab---Part 1

Last week I started my own over-shopping therapy program. Basically, the program consisted of watching episode after episode of that reality show called Hoarders. If you haven't seen it, here's a quick synopsis: It's about people who are addicted to buying and saving things. They fill their houses up with junk until they can barely open the front door. The show hires "experts" to come in and pretend to help them.Then we all watch with horrified amusement as the hoarders get upset and cry over having to throw away things like rotten pumpkins and used toilet paper.

So anyway, through my self-directed therapy I watched at least one episode per day. I made my kids watch with me, because it's no fun making fun of hoarders alone, and just between us, they both have a tendency to hoard toys. The re-hab was working; I didn't buy anything the entire time I was participating in the program. There's nothing quite like horrified amusement to suck the fun out of …