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Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I was around ten years old I started 4-H with grand dreams of entering something in the Fair. Sadly, that dream was soon dashed when my 4-H leader kicked me out of 4-H and told me not to come back. (Just for the record, I was not making faces at her, I was making them at one of the other girls.) After that, I was too emotionally unstable to participate in food-related Fair contests---too many debilitating 4-H flashbacks. But after years of intense therapy and a strict regimen of large doses of Diet Pepsi, I was finally ready to face my demons.

So last week I entered a Wild Blueberry Pie and a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the County Fair. The judging at the Fair was nothing like I expected. I imagined a panel of professionals testing each entry meticulously and fairly. Instead, I was surprised to see one grandma named Mabel or Madge just randomly sampling entries as they were brought in. I have no idea what her credentials for judging food were---she was probably the only p…