Free Loache (possibly evil) To Any Home---Except Devil Worshipers

My son is giving away his loache (which is a fish) if anyone is interested.They say you're not supposed to give pets away for free because then all the devil worshipers come and get them---so if you're a devil worshiper who's planning on torturing the loache, then the loache will cost you $20.00.  On the other hand, if you're a devil worshiper who's planning on not torturing the loache, then you can have it for free.

Yesterday I came home to find my eight year old in tears---major tears---completely inconsolable. His favorite fishy, whom we simply called "Fishy" (despite my son's many attempts to get other names to stick---e.g., Anakin, Mario, Spike, Colorful), got caught in the filter and died tragically. It wasn't a pretty death either. He lingered for quite awhile before going belly up.

Now it may not be fair, but as we all know, sometimes the best cure for a broken heart is to find someone to blame (even if the blame is misplaced). So I mentioned that I saw the loache chasing Fishy the day before. That's all it took for my son to stop crying. He immediately came up with three possible scenarios---all of which implicate the loache:

1. The evil loache intentionally chased Fishy up into the filter.
2. The evil loache injured Fishy so in his weakened state was sucked up into the filter.
3. Fishy couldn't take the evil loache's abuse so decided to end his own life and swam into the filter on purpose.

Artist Simulation -- Not Actual Loache

Any one of those scenarios could have actually happened. Or none of them could have happened. The loache could be an evil devil of a creature or an innocent victim. Either way, we're getting rid of him. So please let me know if you're interested.


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