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Move Over Creepy Tooth Fairy

Few things are as entertaining as having your unsuspecting kids wake up in the morning with a full-on fu manchu, or a long curly handlebar mustache---to me anyway.

Let me introduce you to the Mustache Fairy. Here's my son after the Mustache Fairy's most recent visit. He's only 8, but with that mustache, he could easily pass for 24.

I'm not sure where this fairy came from, but it's possible he works for the AMI (American Mustache Institute:
For some reason, I find the Mustache Fairy's visits extremely funny. My 8 year old is also a fan. It gives him an excuse to play with the shaving cream. My 6 year old on the other hand, hasn't quite warmed up to the Mustache Fairy. He wouldn't even let me take a picture of his latest mustache.

He gets comically angry whenever the Mustache Fairy visits. He's convinced that I'm the mustache fairy. How in the world could he believe in every other fantasmical cre…

Advice to Men: What to Say When Your Wife/Girlfriend Asks, "Do I look fat?"

First off, here's what not to say:

1.Man Says:"No! Absoutely not! You look so skinny!  
Woman Hears:You really do look fat, but I don't want you to be mad at me, so I'm lying to you.

2.Man Says:"Well...a little bit."
Woman Hears:I don't find you attractive. You're not good enough and never will be. Oh, and you look like a whale.

3.Man Says:"You always look good to me."
Woman Hears:You look fat, but I can live with it.

4.Man Says: "It's not you, it's the outfit."
Woman Hears: Yes, you are fat, I'm just trying to say it in a nice way so you don't get mad.

5.Man Says Nothing:
Woman Hears:I don't want to tell you how fat I think you are, and I don't want to lie, so I'm not going to say anything.

Now on to what you should say, wrapped in a little antecdote:

One afternoon I was feeling fat and accidentally asked my husband this dreaded question. He sat there frozen, staring, like a scared rabbit as if he was ho…