You Don’t Know What You Don’t Got Until You Get It. Or, Well Meaning Husband Ruins My Self Esteem

Until February, I hadn’t had daily access to a full-length mirror since college. Every once  in awhile I’d casually mention how nice it would be to see what my entire outfit looked like before I headed out the door.  So 18 years later, my husband finally got the hint (see, men DO listen!) and gave me a full length mirror for my birthday. It was a total surprise and I was thrilled…at first. The next morning I got dressed and hurried to the new mirror. Whoa. Had my bottom half always looked that large? I looked completely out of proportion. I had no idea. For a few days after that I told myself that this particular mirror must have been defective. But then I started paying attention to other reflections of myself, like in store windows, and I had to admit, the new mirror wasn’t lying. So now I’m all self conscious and depressed. I’m thinking I’d better get rid of all my skinny jeans, or buy some really long shirts to go with them.  Or I guess I could start eating less, but what fun is that? So the moral is, if you’ve managed to live without something for 18 years, chances are getting it now will only bring disappointment. Less is more, more is less, blah, blah, blah.


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