Chocolate Chip Cookies Are the Key

I was driving on the freeway the other day thinking about chocolate chip cookies when I had a life-changing epiphany. For a brief moment of total clarity I knew that the answer to all of my problems was chocolate chip cookies. It was one of those rare spiritual moments where you look back at all the events of your life and finally see how the weird odds and ends fit together. Kind of like in that M. Knight Shamalamadingdong movie with Mel Gibson and the aliens when he realizes why his wife died and his daughter left half-full glasses of water everywhere. I forget the name.

So within all these significant moments that flashed through my mind there was one common element: chocolate chip cookies. There was the time I spoke my first word: cookie (or maybe it was "mine", but cookie was a least the second). There were all those bake-athons with my friends while I was growing up. There were all those tasty cookies that made me feel better when I was down. At almost every significant event, some sad and some happy, chocolate chip cookies were there.

Chocolate chip cookies are a perfect balance of varying textures and flavors: crunchy, chewy, soft, salty, sweet, chocolate-y---a metaphor for an ideal life. They are all things to all people. There's nothing they can't do. It will be this cookie that saves me; that brings me out of darkness into light.

I am a pilgrim on a spiritual journey, with a chocolate chip cookie as my guide.


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