2011 Stinks/Do I Really Need a Microwave?

Can I just tell you what a horrible year 2011 has been so far? It has just been one catastrophe after another---some big, some small, but nary a week has passed without something terrible happening/breaking. This week it was our 18 year old microwave. It finally bit the dust. I really thought we had more time together, but I was wrong---that sucker has gone on to pop popcorn on that big counter top in the sky (imagine Taps playing in the background).

So as I was looking on Walmart.com to replace old McWavy, I had to stop and ask myself, do we really even need a microwave? We only use it for two things: popcorn and melting butter. Oh, and to cook oatmeal---so three things. Is it worth sacrificing all the counter space to cook three things? Are microwaves necessary or just something we buy so people think we're cool (like cable TV)?


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