Curse You Kohl's!

I'm generally not one to spend lots of money, especially on non-essentials like home decor or Easter dresses (well, okay, I do overspend on two things: food and my kids, and food for my kids), but lately, I just don't know what's gotten into me. I've been on a month-long spending frenzy with no end in sight. I'm seriously considering checking myself into a shopaholics anonymous 12 Step Program. I actually bought two couch pillow shams online last week! 4 weeks ago I didn't even know such a thing existed!

I'm not positive, but I think this all started because of Kohl's Department Store. (Dang you Kohl's and your demonic sales!) They mailed me a use-your-Kohl's-credit-card-and-get-30%-off-everything coupon that was good on an unlimited number of purchases for like 2 weeks. So of course I went to Kohl's, and bought a shirt, a skirt, and a little vest---all for only $30.00! As I was driving home, I convinced myself that I should go back to a different Kohl's just to look around and see if they had different items---plus, I figured I really should get a couple of things for the kids---I mean, I had to be fair after all---plus 30% off---hello!

So when I went back "just to look" I left with a bunch of clothes I didn't even know I needed (and this time I saved $71.00---as was indicated by the bright red sharpie-drawn circle the cashier added to my receipt---and I earned $10 Kohl's cash---it really is like getting paid to shop).

After getting home I realized I didn't buy anything for the kids. So I jumped online to get them each a shirt, and it turns out you have to spend at least $75 to get free shipping, so of course I ended up buying them a few more items. Which was totally worth it because I saved like $5.00 in shipping fees -- plus I earned another $10.00 in Kohl's Cash!

Low and behold, the next day Kohls sent me an email that said they were having a 50% off sale---on selected items! Plus I still had my 30% off coupon and my $20 in Kohl's cash. So I skipped the shower and makeup, threw on some clothes and was the second one in the Kohl's parking lot at 8:05 AM. My plan was to use the Kohl's cash only and just buy something for $20---but there were so many good deals. Plus I hadn't bought anything for my husband (that's just rude), nor had I purchased any new spring sandals (which I would have to buy anyway---why not save 30%?). Anyway, an hour and 15 minutes later, the perky sales clerk was ringing up all my purchases. (BTW, they deduct the 30% off after they apply the Kohl's cash, not before---lame). This time I'd saved over $150.00! So by my calculations, with all my purchases combined, I saved $276.00! That's like earning $276.00! And it only cost me---well, let's not get into that---did I mention I saved 276 dollars!!

Now I'm so charged up from buying pretty things and saving money that I want to go out and spend more money so I can save even more money! I'm an addict! Yesterday I went out and bought some vases and dried flowers to match the soon-to-arrive pillow shams. Who am I?  Kohl's has addicted me to shopping! It's not my fault. I'm a helpless pawn. Can I sue?


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