Let the Pandas Go Extinct

The following is a list of all the positive qualities of the panda:

1. They're really cute.

Oh look at that, I can only think of one. If it weren't for that one, then pandas would no longer exist.

If a panda looked more like this wart hog here, I can assure you that there would be very little effort invested in preserving its species.

If you look at the habits and lifestyle of the panda you can see it really has no interest in surviving either. It  will only eat bamboo, despite the fact that it has the digestive system of a carnivore. So, to get enough calories to survive it has to eat 30 pounds of it, which takes around 12 hours a day. Even then, it barely gets enough energy from its food, so mostly pandas just lie around and nap when they're not eating. (Hmmm, sounds like me on the weekend).

Furthermore, the panda despises its own species. The men and women don't hang out, and have little interest in spending any time together. Which means they have no interest in procreating, and really little ability: females are only fertile for a couple of days a year. So to get these lazy critters to reproduce, zookeepers spend all kinds of money trying to get them interested or have to do it artificially. Millions of dollars are spent trying to preserve these lazy ner-do wells and slack-abouts. I say let them go extinct. Spend the money on a deserving species.


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