8th Grade Purple Coat: Is it Time to Let You Go?

Here is what I call my heavy winter coat. It is a big, puffy, down-filled, grape-colored, cozy warm friend that has seen me through a lot of cold winters. Sometimes, I even wear it inside the house while I'm watching TV; it's that comfortable. Last winter I told my husband I wanted to be buried in it.

I've had it for awhile. Okay, quite awhile. My husband calls it the "8th Grade Purple Coat".  Every time he sees me in it, he laughs and says, "Oh, the 8th grade purple coat---are you really going to wear that?" and then he laughs again, and awhile later, laughs some more. I guess I have to admit, it's no longer the most attractive coat. When I wear it, I look at least 20 lbs heavier, and my head looks at least 2 sizes smaller. Last night my husband flat out told me to get rid of it and buy a new coat. But still, it's so warm! Should I let it go or keep it for a few more years, or maybe decades?


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