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Obscure Parts of Me are Looking Old

Here's a conversation I had with my 5 year old last week:

Son: Mom, it seems like you're getting old. Old like a grandma.
Me: (Working hard not to get upset) Why do you say that?
Son: I saw some parts on you that look old.
Me: What parts? (Hundred different possibilities go through my mind in an instant.)
Son: Those parts (points to my legs---not one of the hundred possibilities I imagined).
Me: Where?!??
Son: Under your knees. You're getting old, old, old like a grandma, and I'm newer.
Me: No, no. It's just the light. They're fine.

So I dismissed his comments without further thought. But today I discovered what he was talking about. When I straighten my leg, I can see a one inch section to the upper right of my knee cap that has become really old looking. Old, old, old like a grandma. Here's a simulation. Sorry the picture's so small.

I never thought about my knees looking old. I think about other areas getting old every time I look in the mirror. Now I have …