Zevia Review. Apparently, even Oprah can be wrong.

There was a little blurb in Oprah magazine this month about a new soda containing the sweetener Stevia. It says the soda, "...contains no calories, no sugar, no aftertaste, no artificial anything...it's delicious." You can imagine my excitement. Finally, a delicious tasting diet beverage with no aftertaste! I went to three different stores and couldn't find it. I finally found it in a grocery store about four cities to the north. I already had high expectations, because hello, Oprah, and then after I discovered it cost nearly a dollar a can, my expectations went even higher.

I wanted to try the Zevia cola, because without the caffeine, really, what's the point of a diet soda, but the store only carried the root beer, black cherry, and lemon-lime, so I bought the root beer.

I followed the Zevia directions and chilled the root beer---overnight in the refrigerator. I was nervously excited as I cracked one open. Could it really taste that good I wondered? I took a sip. It tasted decent. Paused. Took another sip. Paused. Waited for the aftertaste to kick in. Thought to myself, "Wow, no afterta...oh wait there it is." Oh yeah, sorry Oprah, it does have an unpleasant aftertaste. It's subtle, but it's there, it's kind of a metallic/moth-ball/bad-tasting envelope like taste. After a few more sips, I'd had enough. For me to not finish a can of diet soda is quite rare my friends. Usually it only happens if I forget about it, spill it, or someone barfs on top of the can.

So to sum up, if you're really into drinking "natural" things, and don't mind paying extra money for it, Zevia itself isn't terrible and may be worth it for you. (Yes, for diet bev drinkers the faint taste of mothball isn't a deal breaker.) For those of us who are happy with our current beverages, which are supposedly sweetened with un-natural sweeteners (or as the people who unfairly judge us diet pop drinkers call it, "poison"), there's definitely no need to switch.


Kevin said…
Oprah can not only be wrong. Oprah is just wrong. As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of the big O (Oprah, not the other O).

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