Sometimes Hitting A Brick Wall Doesn't Lead to Better Things

In an effort to be park more safely, I started backing my vehicle up my driveway a month or so ago. As others may attest, I'm not known for my fabulous car backing skills, or really parking the car in general. I can drive just fine, but parking for some reason, has never come easy to me. Anywho, the other day, as I was parking in my more safe way, my back bumper hit the edge of a brick wall next to our driveway, damaging both the vehicle and the wall, which, much to my disappointment, turned out to actually be a bad thing.

Initially, I was pretty upset over my mistake. But then I got to thinking that maybe the accident wasn't such a bad thing---maybe it could turn out to be a good thing. You know those horrible incidents that later turn out to be wonderful, life-saving miracles? Like the story where a kid gets hit really hard in the head with a baseball, so hard that  he has to be taken to the hospital, and everyone feels really bad, especially the kid who threw the baseball. But then as they're checking the wound out at the hospital, they find a brain tumor that can be easily removed without any long term complications. And were it not for the kid who hit him in the head, they never would have found the tumor and the kid would have died, thus making that errant baseball-throwing kid a hero.

So basically, I wanted the brick wall incident to turn into one of those stories. So I asked my husband to make that happen: "I don't care how, but honey, please find a way to make me a hero for busting up the car and busting up our brick wall. " And bless his heart, he tried. He really did. He started working on the wall, and instead of finding a life-threatening tumor, he just kept finding broken brick after broken brick. The more he checked, the more broken stuff he found. In fact, instead of finding something that made the whole incident worthwhile, he actually found more problems with the crumbling wall then we originally thought were there. So not only did I not get my big happy ending, which I thought I was inevitable thanks to the good people at Disney, I'm now stuck with a broken up brick wall and a dented fender with no easy way to fix either.


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