I'm Co-Dependent on the Internet

Well Google, I hope you're happy. You've accomplished your goal. I am officially co-dependent on the Internet. Yes. I am, as the dictionary puts it: "... psychologically dependent on the [Internet] in an unhealthy way."  

The other day, I was sitting right by a window when someone asked, oh, is it raining? Then I said, hold on let me see. And then instead of just looking out the window to check, I turned to my computer and opened up my iGoogle home page weather gadget. Scary. I really don't think I'd survive more than say 3 days without the Internet.  


Kevin said…
My question is, what if your eyes could see it was raining outside but google said it wasn't. Which would you believe?

Until you can completely trust in google (not just being too lazy to open a window) you are not fully assimilated.
Anonymous said…
HAHA I love it! I have done that on occasion :)

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