Words that would be pretty if they meant something else

Syphilis is a pretty word. Forget what it means for a moment, and say it out loud. It sounds like the name of a flower. "Oh, smell this aromatic syphilis." It would also make a beautiful name for a girl. "Get your shoes on Syphilis, it's time to go!" Plus, it's fun to say. Syphilis, syphilis, syphilis. I feel the same way about the word Chlamydia---it really is beautiful. "Wow, look at all the wondrous Chlamydia!"

It's a shame these pretty words describe things that aren't pretty. They're most likely ruined forever. Even if they change the names of those diseases to something else, there's still really no recovering for them.

It would be nice, and less confusing, if we stuck with unpleasant words to describe icky things like diseases, bodily fluids, and such. Plus, maybe people would try harder to avoid unpleasant things if they were named with disgusting words. For example, take the word mucus---I literally cringe when I hear it. Someone really put a lot of thought into that word. It is the perfect word to describe what it describes---kudos to the inventor of it.


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