I want to be your warlord.

I was listening to NPR yesterday about a story on Afghanistan warlords, and I have to ask, how cool is that word---warlord? The next time someone asks me what I do, I am going to say, "Who me, oh, I'm a warlord."

Being realistic, I'll probably have to start out as the warlord of a single neighborhood. I think my neighbors would enjoy having their own warlord. However, I may need to work my way up to warlording. Maybe I'll have to start out as say a skirmishlord then eventually get promoted to battlelord, then finally warlord. I'm pretty sure that's the typical career path for a warlord.

I wonder what my people will call me? Maybe just warlord, or most benevolent warlord---or maybe just Lord, no, that's too weird, maybe warlord Jill. Whatever it is, it will most definitely include the word warlord, because you really can't say it too much. warlord.


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