Why My Blog's Getting Canceled

This blog is getting the axe. Why you ask? Because of Julie. Julie from Julie and Julia that is. Several months ago I watched that movie (well, part of that movie) and now I can't blog anymore. Now when I think about posting, I can't help but picture myself as Julie, with that unfortunate hair-style, all dressed up as a sad version of Julia Child whining to my husband, co-workers, friends---pretty much anyone around---about blogging, my job, aspic, my pathetic life in general. I'm getting all weirded out as we speak.

Anyway, many thanks to my two or three loyal readers---you all made it worth while! See you all on Facebook! (Ha, just kidding I don't believe in Facebook.)


  1. NO!!!!!! You have to keep it! :)
    I know it's been awhile.....but you just have to......
    It was fun while it lasted. :)

    Good luck with everything. I'm sure I will see you from time to time. You are such a great mom. Asher and Ryder are lucky ducks to have you.

    P.S......It's a girl!!!! We are expecting end of Sept.!!!! and are thirlled!! Tage wishs she could come tomorrow :)

  2. Oh, and I thought I was the only one in the world that wasn't on Facebook.....glad I'm not :) I won't ever be on it either.

  3. Oh sad, I just finished getting all caught up (I was a late comer to your blog). I am going to miss it :)

  4. Too bad you're leaving. I just came across your blog and really enjoyed what I read.


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