I guess it's time to get out of holiday mode

After two glorious weeks of staying up late, sleeping in until whenever, laying around all day in our jammies watching movies, playing video games and eating junk food, we can't seem to stop! We're well into January, and we're still living like it's December 27th.

We've been extremely lazy, and been in no mood to do much of anything. Which is a problem because the laundry really needs doing. And as we all know, laundry is the worst! Imagine being buried in a mountain of sand and having only a pair of chopsticks to dig yourself out. No matter how much effort you expend digging, that mountain isn't going anywhere. That's what laundry feels like. So yesterday, employing my 2010 theme, I told the kids I would pay them to do the laundry. Unfortunately, we couldn't agree on a price---they wanted $10,000. They wouldn't even negotiate. If they did it every week for the rest of my life, then I would consider $10,000 a bargain---but for one time---uh, no.

Yesterday, I watched Mulan II (which is terrible) with my four-year old. (A kids cartoon about the evils of arranged marriage---are you serious Disney?) After it finally ended, there was a show on TV about a special needs dog who did things, like open doors, for his wheelchair-bound owner. Our 4 year old got all excited and said he wanted one of those dogs. I asked him why in the world he would need a dog like that. He said he really needed one because, (and I quote) "I'm so tired of opening doors." Oh boy. It was then I realized that was time to get out of holiday mode. But not today. We'll start Monday.


Cherice said…
I'm lazy too. Going back to work was hard. Laundry was a pain too, I feel for you there :)
Monday is always a good place to start

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